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Your Guided Pathway to a Career in Biotech

Program type: The BioPath Training Program provides an introduction into biotechnology and biomanufacturing for individuals with manufacturing backgrounds or similar who are interested in pursuing a career in biotech. The purpose of this program is to identify candidates from other industries and prepare you for a career at AGC Biologics. 

Program start: We're accepting applications now! Apply by clicking the button below and complete a brief form. Initial screening begins in mid-November. 

Candidate profile: Professionals with manufacturing experience or similar (aerospace and non-aerospace). See full candidate profile and attributes here.  


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Candidate Profile 

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The Ideal Candidate
  • Interested in a career in biomanufacturing 
  • 1-5+ years of relevant work experience in manufacturing 
  • Ability to communicate, read and write legibly in English + strong technical writing skills 
  • Ability to complete written and verbally assigned tasks following specific procedures 
  • Experience working in a heavily regulated industry 
  • Ability to interact constructively with peers and support groups, using organizational and communication skills necessary to plan and execute workflow
Candidate Attributes


Hands-on learner: does well in classes that require hands-on workshops or activities

Dependable and reliable: arrives on time and ready to work

Team player: participates in team organizations or activities

Instruction follower: ability to understand and follow detailed instructions

Detail oriented: enjoys projects that involve complicated processes

Good with documentation: may do really well in chemistry lab or classes where documentation is required

Careful worker: works carefully and values a project that’s done correctly rather than quickly