Employee (and Pet) Spotlight 2020 EmployeeSpotlight

We want to recognize all our team members who are working so hard to keep the business running during this challenging time in our new COVID-19 Employee Spotlight. Send us a photo of yourself and/or your team hard at work — whether you are an essential employee on site or a team member contributing remotely from home. Include a note about what it’s like working together to navigate this unique situation.

This campaign is not limited to people. We appreciate all your pets who keep many of you company while you work remotely or support you when you get home from your shift. 

Email photos and comments to the following address: covid-19@agcbio.com.

NOTE: Photos and comments may be featured on the COVID-19 Advisory Page(s) at www.agcbio.com/covid-19 and AGC Biologics social media.

Cheers to you and all that you do! 



People Pic - Jeff Kosman - Social Distancing

Joff Kosman and Tony Phan, DPD social distancing.



People Pic - Chad Brueckner - AGC Bio Facemask

Chad Bruekner sporting the new AGC Bio facemask.


People Pic - Tore Linde - Working from Home with 2 Kids in CPH

Tore Linde with his remote co-workers.


People Pic - Amy Brown & PD - Social Distancing in SEA

 Amy Brown & the PD team - masked up & socially distant.


People Pic - Final Filling Ladies

Final filling ladies, courtesy of Lisbeth Strømvig.



People Pic - Paulseys Team in SEA

Paulsey's team demonstrating facemask layers.


People Pic - Ron Henson - Hosting COVID-19 Q&A

Ron Henson's lonely but impressive COVID-19 Q&A webinar setup.


People Pic - Sarah Wakefield - Socially Isolated

Sarah Wakefield in her empty, socially isolated office.



People Pic - Finance SEA 2

Socially distant SEA Finance team. Nice work!


2020-0624 Global Finance Mtg2

Dawn Miller & the Global Finance Team, take 1.


People Pic - Ric Lomibao

Ric Lomibao hard at work and properly protected.


People Pic - Erick Ramos Kirkby - Zoom Friday bar pic in CPH

Erick Ramos Kirkby & team - Zoom Friday bar pic.



2020-0624 Global Finance Mtg

Dawn Miller & the Global Finance Team, take 2.


















Pet Pic - TT and Dragon - Kathy Czubaruk

TT & Dragon - (Dragon is the cat.)

Kathy Czubaruk


Pet Pic - Cedric - SoYoung Kwon

Cedric hard at work.

SoYoung Kwon

Pet Pic - Sarek - Joy Adiletta

Sarek's having a coffee break.

Joy Adiletta

Pet Pic - Harley & Spencer - Simina Petrovan

 Harley & Spencer

Simina Petrovan 

Pet Pic - Stonewall Gwen AKA Goober - Amy Perkins-McKenna

Stonewall Gwen (AKA "Goober")

Amy Perkins

Pet Pic - Teddy - Dawn Miller

Teddy working hard, (or hardly working).

Dawn Miller

Pet Pic - Murphy - Jon Olsen

 Murphy's sporting his "shag" look.

Jon Olsen


Pet Pic - Jewel unamused by workload - Hailey Jenkins

Jewel - not amused by the workload.

Hailey Jenkins

Pet Pic - Patricia Caplan

LuluBelle is ready to take on the day with coffee cup in hand (paw).

Kathy Czubaruk

 Pet Pic - Ginger & Buster - Phil Weight

Ginger & Buster straight from their photo shoot - (don't they look like the belong in a puppy calendar?)

Phil Weight

Pet Pic - Cosmo - Steve Lindh

 Cosmo puppy!

Steve Lindh

Pet Pic - Delilah - Diane Raeder

Delilah resting up for the day.

Diane Raeder 




Pet Pic - Cherry - Daniel Casey

Sweet Cherry supports Daniel while working remotely.

Daniel Casey

Pet Pic - Rusty & Biscotti - Jessica Carvalho

Rusty and Biscotti enjoying their wheelbarrow ride.

Jessica Carvalho

Pet Pic - Rats - Krista Lewis

Rat pack! Lily says "hi" while Maisy snoozes.

Addie Lewis (via Krista Lewis)