We Continue to Expand our CDMO Services with a Plasmid DNA Offering





  "Our priority has always been to serve our customers with a commitment to continue innovating.  By expanding OUR plasmid DNA supply commercially, we're meeting growing demand."

- Patricio Massera, CEO, AGC Biologics


With the demand for pDNA growing at 20% (cagr), AGC Biologics is providing one more solution for our customers.

Leveraging our 25 years of experience in providing CDMO services,  we are confident we will successfully serve the growing demand for pDNA.


Our Offering Includes: 

 pDNA supply in optional quantities for GMP or non-GMP purposes to be used as:

- DNA vaccine

- starting material for Lentivirus & Adeno Associated Virus

- starting material for RNA Drugs and cell-free protein production


We have successfully manufactured pDNA as vaccines for 10 years.  Now is the time to expand our supply of pDNA to more applications.   

Click here to learn more about our expansion capacities for pDNA services at our Heidelberg site.


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