Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory

LONGMONT Status UpdateS

22 November 2021 | J.D. Mowery

Hello Everyone,

This message is intended to inform all employees that beginning 01DEC21 you will be required to provide proof of completing a full vaccination cycle or a negative COVID test result on a weekly basis to enter our facilities in the U.S. The policy will apply to all employees at all sites, as well as any visitors, contractors, consultants, and customers (future and current). The structure of this policy is aligned with what we expect to be released from the U.S. authorities in the coming weeks. We believe advancing this policy now is the best means for keeping everyone at our sites safe.

Over the next few days, you will have ample opportunities to gain information about the change and the application of the policy. We strongly encouraged to ask questions frequently in order to be fully informed and educated on the policy.

Another key point to remember – the application of this policy does not supersede or negate our need to continue our social distancing and COVID best practices. We will maintain enforcement these policies and continue to assess essential onsite activities as infection rates change.

Please utilize the following channels for gathering information:

During the week of 29NOV21 our General Managers in the U.S. will host a joint 30 minute Q&A session to allow for direct dialogue as well. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact John Fauver, EHS Manager (SEA) and Jen Wingard, Sr. Manager, EHS (BLD and LGT interim (until 29NOV21)).

Take care and stay well,

2 November 2021 | Message from Jen Wingard 

Attachment: Boulder County Public Health Advisory

Dear Colorado Sites,


As your safety leader, I ask you to please take a moment to read this message. We at AGC Biologics care about the health of our employees and their loved ones. With that in mind, I would like to share the Public Health Advisory released on Oct. 29 by Boulder County Public Health.  


Per the Advisory, Boulder County has seen a recent substantial increase in COVID-19 cases. This is in addition to the high transmission rate the county has experienced over the past month. In three days, Boulder County’s case rate jumped from 127.5 to 177 cases per 100,000.


Flu season has not yet begun this year, and when it does begin, BCPH expects it to put extra stress on the healthcare system which is already at over 90% capacity as of last week with 30% of facilities reporting anticipated ICU bed shortages in the coming week and 36% reporting staffing shortages. Taking COVID-19 precautions now will not only prevent additional COVID-19 hospitalizations, but to make sure our hospitals can also provide critical non-COVID emergency and routine care for those who need it in a timely manner.   


Boulder County Public Health recommends the following for safer fall and winter festivities: 

Vaccines remain the most effective way to control the spread of COVID-19 and prevent disease and hospitalizations. Per Public Health Orders 2021-08 and 2021-07, masks are required in all public indoor spaces for all people 2 years or older. BCPH strongly recommends that all individuals take the following additional precautions: 

Thank you for taking time to read and acknowledge this guidance. If we all take steps to ensure our personal safety, we help the wellbeing of our community.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.


Jen Wingard, CSP

Senior Manager, EHS

Boulder On-site M/W/F

Longmont On-site T/R

1 November 2021 | Message from David Steinbacher 

Dear AGC Biologics U.S. Employees,

Various government agencies and private companies are either mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees or planning to do so in the near future. As a result, many employees have asked what actions AGC Biologics is planning to take to address this important topic.

While the specific details are not yet available, it is anticipated that OSHA will issue a rule within the next several months which will require employers to ensure that their employees be either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or show that they have had a negative COVID test on a weekly basis. Provided that the final OSHA rule contains this vaccination alternative, AGC Biologics plans to also adopt the weekly COVID test option as part of a new COVID-19 vaccination policy. This policy will be finalized and communicated once OSHA issues the details of its vaccination standard. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your EHS Department.

Seattle EHS

John Fauver



Boulder EHS (and interim Longmont EHS)

Jen Wingard  



David Steinbacher

Director, EH&S

7 September 2021 | Message from Jen Wingard

All Colorado Employees,

As we are well aware, the COVID 19 virus is still affecting our friends, family, community and our workplace. As such, it is important for us to take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of ourselves and our coworkers while we are on site. Please familiarize yourself with the following protocols that cover both the Longmont and Boulder facilities.

Health Decision Matrix and COVID-19 Screening Checklist: AGC Colorado attached.

Site Mask Mandate (Effective Friday, September 3, 2021 at 5:00 PM):

  • All employees, contractors, visitors, vendors and guests to either the Boulder or Longmont site will be required to properly wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose while inside the facility. This includes:
    • Masks are to be worn while:
      • Moving throughout the building,
      • At your desk if in a cubical,
      • In an office where two or more people are gathered,
      • In conference rooms,
      • In indoor eating areas
    • Exceptions to Mask use:
      • Outside the facility where social distancing can be observed
    • Here is a link to the Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) Public Health Order (2021-08)
    • Tips:
      • Take mask breaks – get outside and move around
      • Eat alone and at least 6’ from others; eat outside as weather allows

COVID Daily Screening Protocol:

  • If you feel sick or are presenting any COVID related symptoms, do not come to work and contact your manager directly.
  • Each employee is requested to check their body temperature prior to coming to the site.
    • BOULDER: When arriving to the Boulder site, all visitors, guests, contractors and employees must take their temperature using the stand-up monitor located in the front lobby.
    • LONGMONT: All visitors, guests, contractors and employees are asked to take their temperature prior to arriving onsite. Thermometers will be available at the front desk in AC27 and at AC22 Security.
  • Masks must be worn indoors while on site.

Checking-in On Site:

  • All visitors, guests, and contractors must sign-in at Security (Boulder front desk or AC22 in Longmont) when they first arrive onsite.
    • Visitors, guests and contractor must also complete the COVID Screening Questionnaire each day.
    • People should sign out for lunch or errands and then sign back in again on arrival.
  • AGC Employees must sign-in at the building they are assigned. At each location is a sign-in book.  Every individual must sign-in when they arrive and when they leave the site.
    • AC27 may sign-in at the front desk of AC27; AC22, AC23, AC24 and AC21 should also have log books.
    • AGC employees do not need to complete the COVID Screening Questionnaire when they are visiting either site.

Reporting Illness/Exposure:

  • Employees should be familiar with the Covid screening checklist and self-trigger on how they are feeling each day. Print a copy of the checklist (attached) and use it at home.
  • Employees are requested to contact their manager if they are feeling ill or are presenting any COVID related symptoms or been exposed to someone presented COVID related symptoms.  If you are not feeling well, please do not come to work and contact your manager directly.
  • Managers, please contact Jen Wingard, if you are contacted by an employee who is ill or presenting any COVID related symptoms. 

Jen Wingard, CSP

Senior Manager, EH&S

2 September 2021 | Message from David Steinbacher 

Attachment: AGC Biologics General Guidance COVID-19 Updated 2 September 2021

Dear AGC Biologics Employees,

The AGC Biologics COVID-19 Guidelines and Health Decision Matrix have been updated (please see attached). The updated guidelines take into account various changes in protective measures made by country and regional health authorities based on vaccination rates and infection rates. We will continue to provide updates as conditions change. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or require additional clarification, please contact your site EHS Department representative.

Best regards,


David Steinbacher

Director, EH&S

3 SEPTEMBER 2021 | Message from EH&S

Universal Masking

To support the safety of all the community members, including children who are not eligible for vaccination, Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) issued Public Health Order 2021-08.


The order, approved by Board of Health on Sept. 2, requires mask wearing in all indoor public spaces for all individuals 2 years and older regardless of vaccination status and went into effect on Friday, Sept. 3.


​Boulder County Public Health is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) comprehensive data tracking system to determine transmission levels. The CDC’s system tracks COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, testing and other metrics to define four levels of community transmission (low, moderate, substantial/significant and high), based on the percentage of positive tests and the number of cases per 100,000 people. The County Level View displays this information for Boulder County.


View Boulder County’s current status.