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Cancer and Rare Disease: What Progress Can Be Expected in these Fields in 2022 and beyond?

Thought Leadership, Other Media

While the entire world fights a pandemic that can be defeated only by Science and the latest biotech approaches, Pharma's Almanac asked our CEO, Patricio Massera, the following question for their Jan. 2022 Experts Roundtable:

Personalized Medicine in 2022: Allogeneic Treatments Can be the Effective “Brick in the Wall” for Cell and Gene Therapy Treatments

Thought Leadership, Other Media

Personalized medicine offers the opportunity to create treatments for patients based on their specific needs. However, one of the major issues with personalized medicine is the cost of goods (COGs), and the healthcare industry is continuously looking for new strategies to address this challenge and help make customized healthcare more readily available to patients that need it.
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