Chiba Facilities


Asia Manufacturing Capacity

With state-of-the-art clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia, AGC Biologics has the capacity and flexibility to meet each customer’s individual manufacturing needs. Our manufacturing facilities are multi-process, engineered for unilateral flow, and segregated to produce multiple products at different stages of manufacturing in multiple parts of the facility. This increases the flexibility and number of manufacturing solutions available to meet clients’ rigorous manufacturing and quality needs. Right. On Time.


  • Copenhagen Facility
  • Copenhagen Facility
  • Copenhagen Facility
  • Copenhagen Facility
  • Copenhagen Facility


Our multi-purpose, highly-efficient Chiba facility is compatible with diverse processes, with a core structure and gravity-based facility design that guarantees flexibility and high quality.

This facility offers vast experience with cGMP manufacturing in a large number of projects ranging from E. coli to yeasts.

Microbial Facility Equipment


  • 4500L Fermenter


  • High Cell Density Fermentation
  • Inclusion Body Recovery
  • Refolding
  • Endotoxin Removal
  • Scale Up & Process Optimization
  • Large Scale Fermentation and Purification
  • Centrifugal Separation
  • Homogenization
  • Membrane Separation
  • Chromatography Purification