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Life at a CDMO

We are uniquely different. You’ll learn and do more in one year at AGC Biologics than you could in three years at other organizations.

What Makes Us Different?

First off, a CDMO is a Contract Development Manufacturing Organization. But what does that mean?

At AGC Biologics, we don’t create drug products of our own. Instead, we partner with some of the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies to develop and manufacture their life-changing – or in some cases – life-saving drug products.

At AGC Biologics:

We move fast

We take fast-paced to new heights in tackling challenges head-on, continually building and improving processes, and erasing the status quo. 

We learn a lot

We work across various modalities and each key project stage, giving our teams more comprehensive knowledge and skills to advance their careers.

We build leaders

Being a customer-facing provider, our teams are better equipped in business acumen, relationship management, collaboration, and more.

We are stable

Because we provide a range of services, the costs and risks of doing business are spread across the organization, making our future much more sound.

Working at a CDMO

With seven facilities and teams of scientists across three continents, we have the resources and the available capacity you need to accelerate your race to GMP. From development to clinical trials, to full-scale commercialization, we can help you reach your goals at any stage in the drug development and manufacturing process.


Sound exciting? Join us!

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