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Discover AGCellerate™ for LVV - a faster option to get your GMP-ready lentiviral vector product   Learn about AGCellerate
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Lentiviral Vector Platform

A templated approach created by scientists with 30 years of experience. 

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We utilize the latest technology in each process
Master cell bank with HEK293T cells
Proprietary transfer GOI backbone
Off-the-shelf high-quality packaging plasmids
Platform with robust process protocols & documentation
Flexibility to meet any project need from small-scale to large-scale
In-house analytical panels keep your timelines on track

End-to-end LVV services

ProntoLVV™ offers standardized production and purification protocols, ready-to-use, high-yield adhesion and suspension GMP cell lines, pre-qualified scale-down models, in-network pDNA supplies, in-house analytics and fill and finish services.
The platform offers off-the-shelf packaging plasmid for LVV. With adhesion bioreactor scales up to 750 L and suspension bioreactor scales up to 2,000 L, no project is too small or big.

Get to GMP in half the time

ProntoLVV can help achieve your GMP goals in 9 months, helping accelerate your path from gene to the clinic!

ProntoLVV timeline

Accelerating CGT with plug-and-play viral vectors-download-graphic

Analysis on the promise of plug-and-play vector platforms

Explore how you can cut your timeline to cGMP in half using proven, templated processes.

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ProntoLVV factsheet download graphic-1

ProntoLVV fact sheet

Learn more about our capabilities with our lentiviral vector platform.

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Product yields & network performance

ProntoLVV offers both affordable costs on your first batch and ideal yields you need at any stage. 

The platform is backed by a network of available capacity, high-quality materials and supplies.


GMP quality is at the center of everything we do. From pre-clinical through commercial, AGC Biologics has the knowledge and global regulatory expertise to help you meet your goals.

The science and processes behind ProntoLVV™ has been developed over 30 years. That makes this platform even more unique, as it is qualified by major regulatory authorities and has already been used to bring multiple commercial products to market. 


Peace of mind

We ease your path to commercialization through a new one-platform-fits-all approach. Bring us your gene of interest, and let our team of 500+ highly experienced cell & gene professionals take care of the rest. 

When & where you need us

We pride ourselves on being "Glocal." That means we are global and can serve you in your local market. With sites in North America and Europe, our viral vector services can meet your need anywhere in the world.


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