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Cell Line Development

20+ years of experience in mammalian and microbial cell line development


Biologics Process Development

AGC Biologics has extensive experience developing mammalian and microbial production cell lines. This experience, combined with our advanced analytical capabilities, enables us to identify and select clones that meet your product’s specific parameters and characteristics. After selecting the most appropriate clones, we optimize production conditions to develop a high-productivity cell line, tailored to your specific product quality targets and target production level, designed for robust, scalable manufacturing.

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Our mammalian cell line development capabilities include:

  • Extensive experience with multiple mammalian cell types and expression systems, including CHO DG44, CHOK1, HEK293, NS0 and PerC6

  • Our proprietary CHEF1 Expression Platform

  • Single-cell clone selection based on high titer and quality attributes

  • Custom CHO cell line, growth media and production feeds

  • Cell line stability analyses

  • cGMP cell banking and storage

  • Twelve weeks from transfection to clone selection

  • Expression of up to 4.5 grams / liter of antibody

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The AGC Biologics CHEF1 Expression Platform

This proprietary, robust and scalable expression platform has been used to create many clinical production cell lines. In addition, four commercial protein products on the market utilize the CHEF1 Expression platform. The CHEF1 integrated expression platform accelerates the development of cell lines for cGMP production by using robust procedures and chemically defined media and feeds, to produce high levels of recombinant protein in rapid timeframes.

Read our fact sheet for additional information on our CHEF1 Expression Platform and the solutions it offers.

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Our microbial cell line development capabilities include:

  • Demonstrated expertise with E. coli and Pichia microbial expression platforms
  • Experience with yeast secretion and E. coli periplasmic secretion, soluble and inclusion body expression
  • Cell line stability analyses
  • cGMP cell banking and storage services