Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Policy

AGC Biologics is a global contract biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development organization that is committed to meeting the needs of its clients, customers, and the community by operating in an environmentally responsible manner. 

To support this commitment, AGC Biologics will align continual improvement of the environmental management system with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Essential to this commitment is a focus on pollution prevention, compliance with all environmental laws and regulations and environmental sustainability while taking a life-cycle view..

AGC Biologics ISO14001 management SystemAGC Biologics believes that it has an important obligation to all company stakeholders as well as the local communities in which it operates to ensure excellence in environmental performance. This is accomplished through the establishment of an environmental management system that:

  • Effectively plans for pollution prevention and reduction
  • Establishes objectives and targets designed to demonstrate leadership in environmental management
  • Ensures the responsible use of energy across the organization through conservation, efficiency, and preference of renewable over non-renewable sources where feasible
  • Minimizes waste and utilizes viable alternative recycling approaches to conserve natural resources
  • Utilizes robust procedures, training, self-assessments, regular management review, and monitoring systems to ensure conformance with existing and future regulations
  • Maintains effective internal and external communications to foster awareness of the environmental policy and to facilitate prompt response to environmental inquiries or concerns
All employees and contractors are expected to adhere to this policy and immediately report any environmental concerns to AGC Biologics management so that prompt action can be taken to minimize environmental impact.