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You belong here.



We Celebrate Individuality

And we encourage expression, authenticity and vulnerability in the workplace.

It is very gratifying to be a person of color in the Biotech field because we actually color the business spheres with our passion for making a significant difference in patient's lives and their experiences while delivering exciting results from a customer and business perspective.
Ernest Njoh Malange-1
Ernest Malange
Scientist, Copenhagen
More than ever, Pride is incredibly important to represent those of us in the LGBTQIA+ community. We are your coworkers and neighbors. It means using my voice to advocate for people who don't have the same opportunities and privileges as me.
Amy Perkins-McKenna
Quality Control Associate IV, Seattle
I didn't start my career until my youngest started first grade. DE&I for me means that I have an opportunity to succeed, despite having a 'non-traditional' career path.
Corinne Korrell
Corinne Korrell
QA Associate III, Boulder
Shahida Hamid
I have direct impact and I feel like I have a voice. Being here at AGC Biologics has added diversity, development, and challenge to my career.
Shahida Hamid
EH&S Manager, Copenhagen
Daniel Casey
I am proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ Community and I am proud to be visible, seen and treated as an equal member at the table.
Daniel Casey
MSAT Project Manager, Seattle
Serena Patel
I have a fantastic opportunity to influence the culture here and am actively working with leadership and HR on some DE&I initiatives and to develop local programs.
Serena Patel
Quality Systems Associate III, Boulder

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Employee Resource Groups

Building an inclusive environment is a team effort. That’s why we have created local and global employee resource groups (ERGs) and clubs that are open to all. These individuals come together to shape our culture, uplift and empower our communities, and give all employees a voice.


Cultural Celebrations

By providing floating holidays, our employees are given an equal opportunity to celebrate the important holidays in their lives. As a company, we celebrate all represented cultures and encourage individuals to share histories, foster learning, and connect communities to help everyone at AGC Biologics develop a true sense of belonging.


Community Engagement

We engage with the community in several ways, including partnering with universities and organizations that serve the primary identity groups of our ERGs, and organizations that teach us how to better improve our DE&I initiatives.