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Discover AGCellerate for LVV - a faster option to get your GMP-ready lentiviral vector product   Learn about AGCellerate
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Accelerate your project from bench to clinic

Learn how we support different drug substances and materials:


GMP material in accelerated timelines to get you to the clinic


Fixed pricing and guaranteed* titers

AGCellerate-webpage-icons_qualityProven platforms that don't compromise on quality

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The guarantee your project needs - no surprises

AGCellerate (ag·cell·er·ate) offers GMP material in rapid timelines that support clinical goals. 

*Subject to terms and conditions, and project type.
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mAbs Offer

Push your monoclonal antibody projects to the next stage.

Pushing Your Monoclonal Antibody Projects Forward

AGCellerate for mAbs gives you guaranteed* speed and product quantity that maintains quality and minimizes risk and gets you from DNA transfection to clinical-ready GMP drug substance in only 11 months.

Program Benefits

  • 1.0 kg Phase I/II mAb Drug Substance​ in 11 months*
  • Fixed pricing ensures no surprises
  • Access to proprietary process platform, CHEF1™, a proven commercial cell line that has produced 4 commercial products and 54 molecules at various stages of clinical development. 
  • A direct and seamless transfer to cGMP manufacturing

*For specific antibodies; subject to terms and conditions.

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Complete details on AGCellerate for mAbs

Learn about our complete offering and proven cell line development expression system.

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LVV Offering

The LVV titers you need in a rapid timeline. 

A Lentiviral Vector Service that Makes the Lives of Developers Easier

AGCellerate for LVV provides a fixed price and guaranteed* time and quantity to support your vector project's clinical goals, offering developers - particularly those focused on rare diseases - a standardized platform process.

Program Benefits

  • AGC delivers a minimum of 1e11 total TU LVV product​ in 9 months* 
  • Fixed pricing includes raw materials, ensuring no surprises
  • Supported by our ProntoLVV™ Platform, which offers a standardized process for full-scale development and manufacturing of viral vectors
  • Proprietary AGC adherent HEK293T cells and packaging plasmids included

*For specific vector projects; this offering is subject to terms and conditions.

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Complete details on AGCellerate for LVV

Learn about the offering and our commercially-approved ProntoLVV platform.

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