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Plasmid DNA

Our customized pDNA CDMO services provide research-grade and GMP materials

Heidelberg pDNA lab
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CDMO pDNA Services

 We supply plasmid DNA (pDNA) in all grades and quantities, for various applications, including DNA adjuvants and vaccines, starting material for RNA drugs, cell-free protein expression platforms, and more.

Clinical and Commercial pDNA Manufacturing

We have expansive capabilities in hosts and plasmids, including 2 commercial pDNA products, using process development scales up to 10 L. These processes can be scaled up for cGMP manufacturing up to 1,000 L.


Small-Scale pDNA Production

We also offer a fast platform approach for smaller pDNA amounts via a small-scale line, with scales of 10 L to 50 L. This can be used for producing transfer plasmids for in-house applications, packaging plasmids for AAV and LVV applications, and as linearized starting material for Messenger RNA (mRNA) manufacturing.


pDNA Grades and Quantities

We are able to supply plasmid DNA (pDNA) in all grades and quantities, and for various applications. It has been used for many years in the manufacturing of DNA adjuvants and vaccines, as well as a starting material for RNA drugs and cell-free protein expression platforms. More recently, pDNA has become a critical element for gene therapy applications, including AAV and LVV-based therapies.


Plasmid DNA Production and Manufacturing Services

Our pDNA services cater to the intricate needs of advanced therapies across a diverse array of applications such as DNA adjuvants and vaccines, serving as the foundation for RNA drugs and vaccines. Our capabilities extend to cell-free protein expression platforms, which hold promise for diverse therapeutic interventions. Moreover, we provide essential starting materials for advanced therapies, encompassing viral vector manufacturing for LVV, AAV, and others critical to this field.

Our development scales start at 1 L and scale up significantly to 10 L. To meet the demands of large-scale manufacturing, we offer a range of GMP-compliant production scales, extending up to 1,000 L.

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Future of Plasmid DNA Upstream Optimization - download graphic2

Trend Analysis: pDNA Development and Manufacturing Optimization

As the demand for plasmid DNA continues to grow in popularity there are several trends to watch and strategies to consider for building a platform for upstream development and manufacturing. 


pDNA is Just the Beginning

No matter where your project is headed, we can take you to the next step.

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