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Plasmid DNA

Our customized pDNA CDMO services offer research-grade, high-quality, and GMP materials
Heidelberg pDNA lab
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Plasmid DNA production and manufacturing services

To support your pDNA needs, AGC Biologics utilizes a customized process based on your specific plasmid and hosting system. We have extensive technical expertise in fermentation, purification, and analytics, and our highly experienced teams routinely manufacture GMP-grade pDNA materials. Our development scales go up to 10L and our manufacturing scales go as high as 1,000L. 

Our pDNA material can support a variety of uses, and our vaccine pDNA is approved for use by the USDA. 

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Future of Plasmid DNA Upstream Optimization - download graphic2

Trend analysis: pDNA development and manufacturing optimization

As the demand for plasmid DNA continues to grow in popularity there are several trends to watch and strategies to consider for building a platform for upstream development and manufacturing. 


pDNA is just the beginning

No matter where you're project is headed, we can take you to the next step.

pDNA services for advanced therapies

  • DNA adjuvants and vaccines

  • Starting material for RNA drugs and vaccines

  • Cell-free protein expression platforms

  • Starting material for gene therapy, including viral vector manufacturing:

    • Lentivirus, adeno-associated virus, and other viral vectors

  • Development scales start at 1L and go up to 10L

  • A range of High-Quality and GMP manufacturing scales up to 1,000L

Our pDNA facility is based in Heidelberg Germany

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