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Cell Therapy

We offer end-to-end services, including cell culture and cell modification in process development and cGMP environments
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End-to-End Cell Therapy Development and Manufacturing

We develop and manufacture diverse cell therapies, using numerous technologies, ranging from closed to open systems at different scales depending on your specific needs. 

Autologous and Allogeneic Methods

Using the latest autologous and allogeneic methods, we help your products meet the exact specifications for patients in a clinical or commercial setting. We also have flexible and cost-effective services for process development and pre-clinical needs.


Cell Therapy Global Network

Our teams of experts at two global sites bring the quality systems background and regulatory experience to help you navigate the important cell therapy product milestones, at any stage of the journey.


Pre-Clinical Through Commercial

We offer industry-leading expertise in process development and internalizing client cell therapy processes, including customization, development, qualification and validation activities for manufacturing and analytics. AGC Biologics’ services support every stage of the product journey, from pre-clinical through commercialization.


Best-in-Class Cell Therapy CDMO services

Offering top-tier cell therapy CDMO services, we excel in every stage of the life cycle, providing comprehensive support from initial development to clinical and commercial manufacturing. We specialize in cell culture and modification. Our capabilities encompass the creation of engineered cells at various scales, backed by analytical method development and qualification.

With a repertoire of over 160 in-house analytical tests thoughtfully designed for clinical and commercial supply, we stand as a comprehensive solution for cell therapy CDMO services.

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Cell Therapy Manufacturing Track Record


Cell and gene therapy treated patients


Commercial cell therapies


Cell and gene therapy trials supplied in EU and US

Listen to Expert Interviews from Our Cell & Gene Center of Excellence in Milan

Listen to Expert Interviews from Our Cell & Gene Center of Excellence in Milan

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Outsourcing Allogeneic Cell Therapy - download graphic5

Outsourcing strategies for allogeneic cell therapy 

Learn about strategies for speeding up and optimizing the manufacturing of allogeneic cell therapies.


Promise of NK Cells download graphic

Creating cost-effective cell therapy programs with NK Cells 

As this cell type continues to grow in popularity there are several strategies to consider for building a treatment program. 


Full Lifecycle Cell Therapy Services


Cell Media

Strategic partnership with exosome cell manufacturing company RoosterBio to provide the best cell media possible.


Process Development

Our diverse manufacturing suites are equipped for both open and closed processes, as well as various methods, including 2D and 3D cell culture protocols.


Analytical Development

Extensive analytics allow 95% of testing to be performed in-house, reducing your overall turnaround time.


Automated Fill & Finish

Our cells are filled in vials and bags using a manual or semi-automated process tailored to your product's needs.

Give us any cell and method, we will accelerate your timeline. 

Connect on your custom needs


We work with virtually any cell type, including Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs), T Cells, NK Cells, and more. 

95% of analytical tests performed in-house, reducing overall turnaround time and shortening your project timeline.