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With state-of-the-art clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities across the United States, Europe and Asia, AGC Biologics has the capacity and flexibility to meet your individual manufacturing needs. We're here for you, wherever you are. 

  • Analytical Method Automation Lab
  • Cell Therapy GMP Manufacturing Suite
  • Downstream Process Development Lab
  • Downstream Process Development Lab
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage_detail
  • Microbiology Quality Control Lab
  • Quality Contro Lab
  • Upstream Process Development

(Plasmid DNA offered from our  Heidelberg site)


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Via Olgettina, 58
20132 Milan, Italy
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General Manager

Luca Alberici


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The two facilities that make up AGC Biologics' Milan campus were the first cell and gene therapy facilities approved in Europe for GMP manufacturing of clinical and commercial supply (2003 and 2015, respectively).

AGC Biologics brings technical expertise to develop and optimize every aspect of cell therapy and viral vector gene therapy. Our services range from the production of plasmid DNA (at our Heidelberg facility), necessary for the transfection of cell production, to the engineering of cells through the use of produced viral vectors.

Our technical know-how allows us to bring small-scale platforms to scalable industrial manufacturing, ensuring process robustness and commercial viability. With experience manufacturing four commercial products, we are the only cell and gene therapy CDMO which has brought its own product to the market (Zalmoxis®).


GMP/QC Equipment and Technology

  • 2 site locations with 230+ experts in Milan & North Milan
  • 3 streams for 24L/48L lentiviral and retroviral vector manufacturing in cell factories
  • 1 stream for 200L lentiviral and retroviral vector manufacturing in a fixed-bed bioreactor
  • 9 Class B suites for engineered cells manufacturing and MCB/WCB/PPCB generation, equipped with cell enrichment/cell washing/cell expansion automated machines
  • 1 Class B suite for autologous/allogeneic genetically modified T-cells manufacturing
  • 1 Class C suite for automated fill & finish
  • 1 Class C suite for media preparation
  • > 35 labs in QC area for product testing and release

Development Area Equipment and Technology

  • Areas for small-, medium- and full-scale manufacturing of lentiviral and retroviral vectors, equipped with several small-scale fixed-bed bioreactors and stirred-tank bioreactors for upstream manufacturing and 4 different liquid chromatography systems and 3 different TFF systems for downstream processes

  • Areas for small-, medium- and large-scale engineered cell manufacturing, equipped with cell enrichment, cell washing and cell expansion automated machines 

  • Areas for analytical method development and qualification, including automated liquid handling systems


Ongoing Expansion

  • We're dedicated to continuous innovation, and as such, we constantly invest heavily in new technology, new modalities and new and expanding facilities, to stay ahead of our customer’s ever-evolving needs.
  • In recently shared expansion plans, we announced that we will add two additional floors to the suite and install additional equipment on the current floor in the Milan facility. The new facilities are scheduled to begin full operation in 2022.
  • In addition to continuously enhancing and extending capabilities in Milan, we will be establishing significant cell and gene therapy offerings in Longmont by 2022.