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Browse the content below for insights into the future of the biopharma industry, Q&A's with scientists, research results on new innovations in biotech, information on the benefits of CDMO's, and new drug development and manufacturing techniques.

Antibody Productivity of CHO cells article - download graphic

Research Article: Productivity Factors in Antibodies

Antibody Productivity of CHO Cells is Altered by ER Stress Tolerance of the Host Cell

Biopharmaceutical case studies - download graphic

E-Book: 12 Must-Read Biopharma Case Studies

Engineering challenges and practical solutions by expert Naveenganesh Muralidharan

Cystine and tyrosine feed in CHO cells article - download graphic

Research Article: Production Process Improvements of Antibody Drugs

Cystine and tyrosine feed reduces oxidative and ER stress in CHO cells

FDA EMA Approval Webinar thumbnail

Webinar: Gene Therapy Development For Regulatory Approvals

Successfully validating your LV gene therapy product process to gain FDA and EMA approval

Single-Use Downstream Process for mAbs - BPI article - download graphic

Article: Research Findings on Single-Use mAb Processes

A Fully Single-Use Downstream Process for Monoclonal Antibodies

3-stage CGT process development download graphic

Cell & Gene Therapy PPQ and Process Development

The Fast Lane to Market: A 3-Stage Exploration of CGT Process Development

Cell Therapy QA white paper - download graphic

Q&A: Examining the Future of Manufacturing Cell Therapies

The Next Frontier: Industrializing Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Cell Line Development QA-download graphic-1

Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Cell Line Development Q&A

Cell Line Development for AAV with AGC Biologics' Upstream Vector Development Manager, Silvia Ungari

Accelerating CGT with plug-and-play viral vectors-download-graphic

Article: Accelerating CGT with Plug-and-Play Viral Vectors

Accelerating the Cell and Gene Therapy Journey with Plug-and-Play Viral Vector Production Platforms

Protein A purificiation webinar thumbnail-1

Webinar: New Protein A Purification Technology

Unpacking the Resin Alternatives: Single-Use Protein A Tech that can Reduce Costs and Accelerate Your Clinical Journey

Microbial Trends white paper - download graphic2

The Future of Microbial Manufacturing

From Petri Dish to Profit: 5 Changes Driving the Future of Microbial Drug Manufacturing

Large Scale Viral Vector Cytiva webinar thumbnail

Webinar: Large-Scale Viral Vector Manufacturing

Bridging the Distance to Large-Scale GMP Manufacturing of Viral Vectors

Cell Line Development BioPharm Interview - download graphic-1

R&D Cell Line Development Q&A

Prioritizing R&D Initiatives to Support Biologics Cell Line Development

SME Video - Giuliana Vallanti Extended mini webina social post

Webinar: Cell Therapy Strategies

Building Flexible End-to-End Cell Therapy Manufacturing Strategies

Research poster for LVV purification

Research Poster: Downstream LVV Purification

Downstream Strategies for Concentration and Purification of LV Vectors from Suspension Cell-Based Systems

Gore white paper cover

Study: Protein A Capture Membranes vs. Resin Columns

Building a Fully Single-Use Process: High Productivity Protein A Membrane Devices that Complement Disposable Upstream Technology

inline monitoring QA download graphic3

PATs for Improving Inline Monitoring

Q&A: How PATs Improve Bioreactor Performance and Inline Monitoring

Gene therapy development webinar

Webinar: Gene Therapy Challenges

Gene Therapy Development: Navigating Economic Challenges & Regulatory Changes

monoclonals to revolutionize pathogen treatment - download graphic no icon

New Market Opportunities for mAbs

Monoclonals Revolutionizing Pathogen Treatments

Promise of NK Cells download graphic without icon

Natural Killer Cells

The Promise of NK Cells and 3 Strategies for Creating a Cost-Effective Program

Giuliana Vallanti mini webinar video thumbnail

Mini webinar: Regulatory & Quality in Cell and Gene

Expert, Giuliana Vallanti, discusses regulatory approvals and quality challenges

Eliminating Downstream Bottlenecks whitepaper-download-graphic2

Eliminating Downstream Bottlenecks

Eliminating Downstream Bottlenecks and Boosting Productivity in Antibody-Based Therapies

Scale Down Model Blog download graphic no icon

Scale-Down Models

Get to GMP Clinical Stage Quickly Utilizing Scaled-Down Models in Viral Vector Production

Outsourcing Allogeneic Cell Therapy - download graphic no icon

Allogeneic Cell Therapy

Opportunities to Accelerate Allogeneic Cell therapy Production


Webinar: Cell Line Development

On-demand webinar: Accelerating Cell Line Development from DNA to Master Cell Bank

large-scale aav manufacturing download graphic no icon

Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing

Manufacturing Large-Scale AAV From Concept to Ready-to-Use Platform

Like a Tailored Suit download graphic no icon

Custom Viral Vectors

Like a Tailored Suit: Producing Customized Viral Vectors that Respond to Market Demands

QA Mammalian build vs buy when to outsource download graphic

Mammalian Large-Scale Commercial Manufacturing

Q&A: Outsourcing Mammalian Development & Large-Scale Commercial Manufacturing

Future of Plasmid DNA Upstream Optimization - download graphic2

pDNA Upstream Optimization

The Future of Plasmid DNA Upstream Optimization

PPQ Assessment download graphic no icon

PPQ Assessment

Assess Reliability, Confidence, Inter & Intra Batch Variation Uncertainties in PPQ Sample Size Selection

mRNA outsourcing guide download graphic

mRNA Custom Program

mRNA: How to Build a Custom Program Using CDMO Services

cGMP whitepaper download graphic

cGMP Compliance

cGMP Compliance in a Growing Biologics Market


Webinar: Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing

On-demand webinar: The Future of Plug-and-Play Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing

process transfer whitepaper download graphic2

Process & Tech Transfer

Manufacturing Process Transfer: Understanding Challenges & Keys to Success

Biopharmaceutical case studies - download graphic

E-Book: 12 Must Read Biopharma Case Studies

Engineering challenges and practical solutions by expert Naveenganesh Muralidharan