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Prioritizing R&D Initiatives to Support Biologics Cell Line Development


Robust, scalable manufacturing of novel therapeutics requires partnering with a CDMO equipped to adapt to changes in the market and knowledgeable on the latest technologies used to support cell line development.

Many offer platforms that only work for particular projects, with little or no flexibility. By utilizing an R&D team, AGC Biologics can address any cell line type, and develop customized processes and assays for each client, ensuring the cell line development is effective, stable, and scalable through commercial stages. Further, R&D scientists assess new technology to ensure that development processes are continuously being improved.

Key Takeaways

  • Why research and development is so important for the CDMO space and what it offers to drug developers

  • Variables developers should prioritize when planning cell line development

  • What biopharma companies bringing products to the clinic need to know about the future of cell line development 

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