cGMP Manufacturing

AGC Biologics has successfully manufactured more than 200 biological projects for pre-clinical studies through commercial approvals. Our global facilities span three continents and offer multiple cGMP manufacturing lines at a variety of scales for mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation.

The innovative design of our state-of-the art facilities allows for capacity and technological flexibility, while ensuring compliance with the strict biopharmaceutical regulations required for cGMP operations.

Our dedicated and experienced technical teams are committed to helping each client meet their clinical and commercial goals.


AGC Biologics has provided solutions to customers on five continents and has developed more than 60 mammalian cell lines and processes from pre-clinical through commercial production. We have skillfully developed upstream processes for numerous expression systems, including our proprietary CHEF1™ Expression Platform, which has been used extensively to create clinical and commercial production cell lines.

Our extensive experience enables us to identify and select cell types that meet specific parameters and characteristics and to optimize our customers’ product attributes. Our CHEF1 Platform enables rapid and seamless process transfer of your product to cGMP manufacturing.


Our mammalian capabilities include:

  • _G1A9479_crop.jpgHigh-quality cGMP manufacturing know-how and experience
  • Manufacturing success rates that exceed industry standards globally
  • Expertise in process development and transfer enable processes to move seamlessly
  • Flexibility:
    • 3000L and 20000L stainless steel bioreactor
    • 100L, 500L and 2000L single-use bioreactors
    • 6 x 2000L Bioreactor 6Pack™ single-use bioreactor suites
  • Option for single use/disposable solutions in all steps of manufacturing
  • Batch, fed-batch and continuous perfusion operation
  • Drug substance available for shipping to drug product manufacturing site within weeks of bulk AP fill

Mammalian Perfusion Production

Perfusion manufacturing of biologics is the method of choice for difficult to produce or inherently unstable proteins. Due to this challenge, there are few companies out there that can offer this service. AGC Biologics has successfully produced several molecules using perfusion manufacturing methods, enabling us to offer it not only as a service, but as a solution to our customers’ manufacturing challenges.

Our perfusion capabilities include:

  • cGMP manufacturing line in a 500L single use bioreactor, with perfusion capacity up to 1000L/day
  • BioSEP, ATF and other perfusion technologies


Remove the uncertainty of getting cGMP material for clinical studies, allowing you to concentrate on other critical components of your development program. AGC Biologics’ CHEF1 Expression Platform and well-developed antibody production platform enables rapid and seamless process transfer to cGMP manufacturing. We have the innovation to manufacture 500g of your IgG monoclonal antibody in a short amount of time and within budget.


QC_Lab_General_062_crop.jpgAGC Biologics is one of only a few CDMOs that have extensive expertise with microbial manufacturing using both bacterial and yeast fed-batch processes.

We have successfully expressed antibody fragments, growth factors, antigens, enzymes and other proteins using multiple modes of expression—including secretion (yeast), periplasmic secretion, soluble intracellular expression and inclusion bodies.

We optimize media, feeds and standard processes for high cell density E. coli and P. pastoris production.

Our microbial capabilities include:

  • cGMP manufacturing in 4500L, 2200L, 1500L and 150L stainless steel fermenters
  • Batch and fed-batch
  • Methanol feeding
  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Continuous centrifugation
  • High pressure homogenization
  • Secreted proteins and inclusion bodies