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cGMP Manufacturing

We offer a variety of scales and services for mammalian cell culture, microbial fermentation, cell therapy, and viral vectors

capabilities cGMP manufacturing

AGC Biologics has successfully manufactured more than 200 biological projects for pre-clinical studies through commercial approvals. Our teams of scientists at our cell and viral vector gene therapy sites have more than two decades of manufacturing experience.

Our seven state-of-the-art facilities across the globe offer innovative design, expanding capacity, technological ingenuity, and teams dedicated to strict biopharmaceutical regulations required for cGMP operations.

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We have developed more than 60 mammalian cell lines and processes from pre-clinical through commercial production.

Mammalian Offering



We have successfully expressed antibody fragments, growth factors, antigens, enzymes, and other proteins using multiple modes of expression. 

Microbial Offering


Cell Therapy

Our global cell therapy services are backed by teams with 25 years of expertise, and the latest systems and technology. 

Cell Therapy Offering


Viral Vector

We are building innovative and proprietary AAV, LVV, and RVV systems that meet the latest industry needs that can support any product platform. 

Viral Vector Offering



We offer supplies in different qualities, and development scales and have extensive in-house analytical methods for today's latest applications.

mRNA Offering



Our non-GMP or GMP supply of material supports vaccine creation, RNA drugs, gene therapy and viral vector starting materials, and more. 

pDNA Offering

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