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AGC Biologics offers deep industry expertise and uniquely customized services for the scale-up and cGMP manufacture of protein-based therapeutics (using mammalian and microbial systems), mRNA, pDNA, viral vector and cell therapy products, from pre-clinical to commercial production, including our proprietary CHEF1TM Expression System for efficient protein production with CHO cells. 
Our company DNA drives us to provide innovative solutions to Partner with our customers in helping them reach their goals and accelerate their projects at our cGMP-compliant facilities in the US, Europe and Japan, as well as to facilitate approval and manage spending during the product lifecycle. 
We forge exceptionally strong partnerships with our customers and we never lose sight of our commitment to deliver reliable and compliant drug substance. Right. On Time. 



To work side by side with our customers in order to improve patients’ lives by bringing new biopharmaceuticals to market.



To be the first provider that customers call when they are looking for a Contract Development Manufacturing Organization.



  • Innovation & Operational Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Environment
  • Integrity



  • Technical Innovation & Operational Excellence
  • Global Facility Network
  • Customer-Centric Culture


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Track record of success and expertise


PROJECTS completed with more than 110 customers, from pre-clinical studies through commercial production


YEARS of leadership in contract process development and manufacturing


MICROBIAL products developed


YEARS on average of industry experience of our dedicated personnel


COMPLEX PROTEIN projects and 16 for enzymes, cytokines, etc.


ANTIBODY manufacturing projects




PERFUSION manufacturing processes


Our team is committed to a high standard of quality and execution because each and every employee recognizes that meeting the needs of our customers contributes to meeting the needs of our clients and ultimately the patients.

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Right. On Time.

Our commitment to our employees as we build successful teams, to achieve the ultimate goal; to help save patient's lives.  

Our employees are recognized as the experts in what they do,  and strive to achieve perfection in what we do, as a team, as the leading service provider of CDMO work.  

If you value excellence, recognize the importance of collaboration and strive to lead by example, then consider joining the AGC Biologics team.

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