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Our History, Mission, People, Planet

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AGC Biologics is a global CDMO based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company provides pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services for protein-based biologics and cell and gene therapies. With seven facilities and teams of scientists across three continents, we have the resources and the available capacity you need to accelerate your race to GMP. From development to clinical trials, to full-scale commercialization, we can help you reach your goals at any stage in the drug development and manufacturing process.

We specialize in the following modalities and substances, mammalian and microbial-based therapeutic proteins, recombinant DNA, plasmid DNA (pDNA), Messenger RNA (mRNA), viral vectors, and genetically engineered cells. Our services range from Process Development, Analytical Development, cGMP Manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, and Process Validation.

We forge exceptionally strong partnerships with our customers, and we never lose sight of our commitment to delivering reliable and compliant drug substances.


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Our History

In December 2016, CMC Biologics announced that all of its shares were being acquired by AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), a Japanese-based manufacturer of glass, chemicals, and high-tech materials.

AGC Biologics was founded in January 2018 in Bothell, Washington, U.S.A., as a convergence of Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Bioscience, Biomeva GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany), and CMC Biologics to form a global CDMO focused on offering microbial and mammalian capabilities, supporting early-phase, late-phase, and commercial production needs, at small and large scales.

We have since acquired additional facilities and companies around the world, expanding our offerings and creating a strong global network of manufacturing sites stretching across three continents.

Today, AGC Biologics provides world-class development and manufacturing of mammalian and microbial-based therapeutic proteins, plasmid DNA (pDNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), viral vectors, and genetically engineered cells.

Our global network spans the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with cGMP-compliant facilities in Bothell, Washington; Boulder and Longmont, Colorado; Copenhagen, Denmark; Heidelberg, Germany; Milan, Italy; and Chiba, Japan.

The Beginning


Asahi Glass Co. founded (global glass manufacturing company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan)


ICOS Corporation founded (American biotechnology company, was the largest in the state of Washington)



CMC Biologics founded (in Denmark as a CDMO)


CMC Biologics acquires ICOS in 2007 (ICOS was officially sold to Eli Lily who shut it down and then CMC Biologics stepped in bought the Bothell facility and retained the remaining employees)



Asahi Glass Co. acquires CMC Biologics and Biomeva GmbH, combining them with AGC Bioscience to create AGC Biologics.
The new entity became a CDMO with facilities in Seattle, WA and Berkeley, CA in the US; Copenhagen, Denmark; Heidelberg, Germany; Chiba, Japan; and Yokohama, Japan that offers microbial and mammalian manufacturing services for early- to late-phase projects of all sizes.


AGC Biologics acquires facility in Boulder, Colorado (commercial manufacturing at a larger scale) and Molecular Medicine S.p.A. ("MolMed") in Milan, Italy (end-to-end cell and gene therapies)



AGC Biologics acquires facility in Longmont, Colorado (increasing cell and gene therapy process development and GMP capacity)


The Future

We're continuing to expand our capacities and capabilities across the globe.

Our Mission

To work side by side with our customers in order to improve patients’ lives by bringing new biopharmaceuticals to market.

Our Values







Our People

Our team is committed to a high standard of quality and execution because each and every employee recognizes that meeting the needs of our customers contributes to meeting the needs of providers and patients.

Join our Global Team

Our commitment to our employees, as we build successful teams, helps us achieve the ultimate goal — helping to save patients' lives.

Our employees are recognized as experts in what they do, and we are incredibly proud of the collaboration and ingenuity they use each day to solve complex problems. 

If you value excellence, recognize the importance of collaboration, and strive to lead by example, there is a place for you here at AGC Biologics!

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Health & Safety

Responsible stewards of Our Planet

We are committed to meeting the needs of the environment by operating ethically and responsibly. 

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