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AGC Group


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The AGC Group is a global business conglomerate with over 206 companies, extending into over 30 countries with net sales of over 2.036 billion Yen (about $14.1 billion) in 2022.

Under our long-term management strategy, Vision 2030, we aim to create sustainable economic and social value, enhance each business’s competitiveness, and build a solid and long-term stable earnings base. Business Process Excellence is embedded into our organization’s culture.

The group has over 40 years of CDMO experience. Through acquisitions and investments, Life Science has become a strategic pillar, with state-of-the-art innovative Research and Development (R&D) centers in Japan, Europe and the US, and multi-purpose facilities with a broad portfolio of technologies.

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The AGC Life Science Company was established as a division within AGC Group and it operates ten CDMO facilities worldwide. The group's core focus is on biopharmaceuticals, advanced therapies, small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients, and agrochemicals. This group also provides research and development of new drugs and manufacturing for high-performance fluorine compounds. 


AGC Biologics

AGC Biologics provides world-class development and manufacturing services for mammalian and microbial-based therapeutic proteins, messenger RNA (mRNA), plasmid DNA (pDNA), viral vectors, and cell therapies. 

From development to clinical trials to full-scale commercialization, our purpose is to bring hope to life by enabling  the development and manufacturing of life-changing therapies for patients around the globe. 

Our global sites have successfully manufactured 250+ biologics, 400+ batches of GMP viral vectors, and supplied materials for 30+ CGT clinical trials.


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AGC Biologics offices in Seattle

AGC Pharma Chemicals

AGC Pharma Chemicals based in Spain and Japan, is covering the strong demand of the industry, focusing on their mission: to improve people´s lives by bringing their best quality products. The company is an innovative Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) serving the global pharmaceutical industry with small molecule APIs and intermediates.

The CDMO for small molecule offers a one-stop shop service to customers, who can handle the lifecycle management of small molecules from grams to tons and from clinical phase to commercialization, will expedite the delivery of life-changing new medicines to patients worldwide.

AGC Pharma Chemicals has more than 40 years' experience as a small molecule CDMO and 60 years as API manufacture. They provide a reliable, flexible and agile services.  AGC Pharma Chemicals also offers high-quality chemical compounds by developing cost-efficient manufacturing processes in full compliance with environmental, health and safety, and cGMP international standards.

AGC Pharma Chemicals

AGC pharma chemicals

AGC Agro & Specialty Chemicals

AGC Chemicals offers contract manufacturing for everything from agrochemical intermediates to active ingredients (AI) matched to customers’ needs using precision organic synthesis technology. With our efficient development process, we supply inexpensive intermediates and ingredients on an industrial scale.

AGC Agro & Specialty Chemicals is focused on dispersing risk and producing a stable supply of products by having production plants in various parts of Japan.

AGC Agrochemicals
AGC Wakasa Chemicals

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