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Our global biologics development and cGMP manufacturing services for mammalian cells can support any project need.


Our global network of sites has developed more than 150 mammalian cell culture-based products.

Our mammalian CDMO services are based on standard industry systems for production and manufacturing, including batch, fed-batch, and continuous perfusion methods.

We offer a variety of single-use small-scale manufacturing scales up to 2,000L at our sites in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We also offer large-scale commercialization capabilities using 20,000L stainless steel reactors at our site in Boulder, CO., USA.

Mammalian Production and Manufacturing Services

  • Extensive experience with multiple mammalian cell types, including CHO DG44, CHOK1, HEK293, NS0, and PerC6

  • A proprietary monoclonal antibody (mAb) approach that is robust, scalable and gets you to market faster

  • Cell line development services, including our CHEF1™ Expression Platform offering seamless process transfer to cGMP manufacturing, shorter timelines, and the ability to meet finite budgets

  • High-throughput technologies for process development emphasizing characterization, optimization, manufacturability, and the robustness of the product yields

  • 6Pack™ single-use bioreactor systems (12,000L) designed for maximum scalability and flexibility and large-scale mammalian manufacturing

  • In-house quality and regulatory teams ensure your product is ready for any stage, across any regulatory market, anywhere in the world

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