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Viral Vectors

We develop and manufacture viral vectors that meet clinical and commercial demands for gene therapy products

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Viral vector development and manufacturing expertise

AGC Biologics scientists have three decades of viral vector-based gene therapy expertise and specialize in adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV), lentiviral vectors (LVV), and retroviral vectors (RVV). Our sites in the U.S. and Italy have supported four commercial products. 

Our ready-to-use platform capabilities for AAV and LVV programs are built on cell factories and bioreactors using adherent and suspension processes, designed entirely in-house. 

Our quality systems, manufacturing scales, and regulatory expertise allow us to meet both clinical and commercial viral vector demands. Moreover, our scale-down capabilities provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for process development and pre-clinical studies. 


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A customized approach to viral vector production 

Our research and lab work shows it is possible to build scalable off-the-shelf vector manufacturing processes able to accelerate the GMP process, reducing PD efforts, time and costs.

Like a tailor designs a suit, we can tailor your vector product to meet your project's exact specifications. This approach's flexibility also offers the possibility of replacing the GFP gene with any therapeutic genes through a simple cut-and-sew cloning strategy.

 Access our research to learn more about our proprietary plug-and-play platform to best fit your vector needs.

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Years of experience


Commercial viral vector products


Manufactured viral vector GMP batches

End-to-end viral vector services

  • Viral Vectors services include pDNA starting material, drug substance development, characterization and manufacturing (PD/cGMP environment), drug product and filling - all in one network.  

  • Small, medium, and large-scale equipment for both adhesion and suspension-based processes

  • A reliable and flexible platform for various scales of AAV production with different serotypes

  • Plug-and-play platform for large-scale AAV and LVV manufacturing that can be adapted to virtually any program

  • cGMP viral vector manufacturing at various scales up to 2,000L across two global sites

  • iCELLis 500 bioreactor technology used for adherent processes up to 200L, and for scale-up of adhesion-based processes

  • 160+ in-house analytical tests with custom designs for clinical and commercial supply

  • Quality systems and teams of scientists with 30 years of global regulatory experience in the cell and gene field

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