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 New Technology Offers Promise of Completely Single-Use Purification Step for Antibody Production


The standard process for protein A purification is labor-intensive, costly, and fraught with risks and inconsistencies. Explore the promise of new single-use technology for the Protein A membrane capture chromatography step vs. standard resin columns, using the GORE® Protein Capture Devices with Protein A. Learn how this new technology reduces risk during clinical stages and explore in-depth analysis and productivity data comparing standard resin and protein A capture devices at lab and manufacturing scales. 
Download to learn about the promising power of single-use protein A capture technology and its ability to help support faster timelines to clinical manufacturing over traditional resin columns for antibody drug products.

This paper covers:

  • Studies on the potential for intensified, fully single-use downstream processing of a fed-batch cell culture harvest producing a representative monoclonal antibody (mAb) at an industrial scale. 

  • A comparison of this new Protein A Capture technology with traditional resin-based approaches.

  • Results showing the effectiveness of a protein A membrane device.

  • Cost savings, reduced risk, lower bioburden, speed to market, and other benefits this new technology can offer.