Employee Testimonials

Headshot_Maier, Ben_2019
"I have been able to work on a wide array of projects."

“I didn’t have experience in manufacturing when I came to AGC Biologics, but I have learned firsthand how we as an organization can support the process, always looking to increase quality and compliance. Since I have been able to work on a wide array of projects across my tenure at AGC Biologics, each of these projects generate new discoveries and understanding—and a better way to do things. We look to share that information, cascading it down within the organization so we can collectively learn and improve.”

Ben, Principal QA Scientist—Seattle, 25 years


"My favorite thing about working here is the culture." 

“My favorite thing about working here is the culture. Everyone is so nice and willing to help. My team is solid—they’re great. I got to be one of the first mentors for high school students in our BioPath Internship Program, and I was recently promoted to Supervisor. I want to continue to grow here and see where I end up!”

Myesha, Manufacturing Supervisor—Seattle, 3 years


"I get to learn something new every day."

“The best part about being at AGC Biologics is that I get to learn something new every day. Because we are so integrated with the different departments, I get to see and understand the upstream and downstream processes associated with manufacturing a biopharmaceutical starting from cloning to getting it into a vial or bottle and shipped to a clinic for a patient. And since we are such a collaborative team, I get to bring that perspective and expertise to the table to help solve new problems and be part of the solution. We value your voice and expertise at AGC Biologics—no one can sit in the lab and work all by themselves. We are all part of one team—working to help our customers, and ultimately patients.”

John, Director of Analytical and Formulation Development—Seattle, 6 years


"I have direct impact and I feel like I have a voice. "

“I joined AGC Biologics as EHS Manager because I wanted to be able to do more—to have the ability to directly contribute to the business. I have direct impact and I feel like I have a voice. The people here are so good at sharing their knowledge, both about the industry and the company, which is important at a CDMO. The challenges I face day-to-day only increase my knowledge. I continue to get the opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level. A CDMO has a totally different style and being here at AGC has added diversity, development and challenge to my career. I really feel that joining AGC Biologics has been a great decision for me, offering new opportunities for learning and strengthening my skill set in a very diverse and inclusive environment. People want to work for a company that takes care of them and AGC Biologics does that. It’s inspiring to be part of a company that can make a difference in the lives of patients all over the world.”

Shahida, EHS Manager—Copenhagen, 3 years


"...continuously developing your technical, management and business skills."

“I came to AGC Biologics because I was looking for an international environment where I could grow and learn. I was working for a pharmaceutical company, but I was drawn to the diversity of projects AGC Biologics had in its portfolio. Instead of working on one or two main products with the same processes and technology, AGC Biologics offered to me the possibility of working on several projects simultaneously, each of them with cutting-edge technology and different challenges. In other companies there may only be one important project and you might be selected to work on it. At AGC, everything we are working on is important and you can contribute, continuously developing your technical, management and business skills.” 

Mauro, Global CAPEX Coordinator and Global Integration—Copenhagen, 6 years


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"...very satisfying to interact with the different functions and help support them."

“I was asked to help build up Heidelberg’s Project Management capabilities that support operations of our site at the global level. It was a big learning curve for me—establishing a new department and being part of the leadership team, but I embraced the challenges and have grown a lot. I always thought of myself as someone who was more interested in the science, rather than management, but I realized over the course of my time at AGC Biologics that while I love the science, it was very satisfying to interact with the different functions and help support them. Now, I can do that across many different projects and act as the link to help us solve problems and deliver for our customers.”

Christian, Associate Director, Project Management—Heidelberg, 8 years