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Case Study


Overcoming HCP Co-Elution Issues Using Cell Line Engineering

Host cell engineering removed a host cell impurity, eliminating customized downstream purification, simplifying the process, and reducing costs.

The Challenge

During cell line development for a therapeutic protein, AGC Biologics found that a CHO host cell protein was bound to and co-eluted with the product.

AGC Biologics is widely recognized for our cell line development expertise, which is critical to achieving efficient protein production on a competitive timeline. Our flexible workflows and expertise in emerging techniques, such as cell line gene editing with CRISPR, allow us to customize the CLD process and solve common issues with uncommon speed and efficiency.

The Solution

Removal of the specific host cell protein gene avoided expensive and time-consuming adjustments to downstream purification protocols, which would have stalled development.

The Results

  • An upstream solution prevented a complex downstream process, and therefore could be a once-for-all method for saving money on each manufacturing run.
  • The fix additionally boosted product titer, showing how AGC Biologics’ flexible approach, expertise in cutting-edge methods, and customer focus can solve issues and add value in cell line development.

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