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Webinar: Accelerating Cell Line Development from DNA to Master Cell Bank

Webinar: Accelerating Cell Line Development from DNA to Master Cell Bank

In this webinar, the AGC Biologics team will discuss important factors to consider when developing cell line development (CLD) processes with an outsourcing partner, including workflows, timelines, and state-of-the-art technologies used in standard and adapted CLD processes. Learn about flexible platform options for the manufacturing of diverse molecule types and our collaborative services that help to shorten timelines. The team will also present three case studies that demonstrate our successes in custom CLD processes.

We are offering two webinars to meet the needs of the North America, European Region and Asia-Pacific regions.

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  • Common CLD platforms may not be optimal for production of all molecules
  • Diverse input molecules require flexible CLD technology and processes
  • Flexible CLD platforms can shorten development timelines
  • Real-life examples from AGC Biologics for creating custom CLD processes that support products from DNA transfection to master cell bank generation