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Cancer and Rare Disease: What Progress Can Be Expected in these Fields in 2022 and beyond?

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While the entire world fights a pandemic that can be defeated only by Science and the latest biotech approaches, Pharma's Almanac asked our CEO, Patricio Massera, the following question for their Jan. 2022 Experts Roundtable:

Personalized Medicine in 2022: Allogeneic Treatments Can be the Effective “Brick in the Wall” for Cell and Gene Therapy Treatments

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Personalized medicine offers the opportunity to create treatments for patients based on their specific needs. However, one of the major issues with personalized medicine is the cost of goods (COGs), and the healthcare industry is continuously looking for new strategies to address this challenge and help make customized healthcare more readily available to patients that need it.

AGC Biologics Solves Capacity Shortages in Cell and Gene Therapy Space

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The cell and gene therapy (C&GT) market is experiencing an explosion of growth with record-breaking financing, major clinical milestones, and commercial progress creating seemingly vast opportunities.  An enormous pipeline of treatments in the market has created seemingly endless possibilities. However, this explosive growth results in one issue set to derail the promise of this sector – manufacturing capacity shortages. 
Capacity shortages were a key topic of discussion at the Meeting on the Mesa last week, one of the premier annual C&GT events organized by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. At the event, we met with many companies looking for an experienced partner that can help bring their transformative treatments through every phase of approvals, and eventually to patients in need. 
Creating new manufacturing capacity requires investments, lead time and technical expertise. It also requires finding the right CDMO with a global footprint, large-scale capacities and resources, and technical expertise in developing and bringing treatments to market. 

Webinar: Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing: The Road from Concept to Ready-to-Use Platform

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It's with tremendous excitement that we announce the webinar and live Q&A session, titled “Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing: The Road from Concept to Ready-to-Use Platform” will be held Wednesday, May 26th at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 pm CEST.  This webinar will be co-presented by Margherita Neri, Upstream Vector Process Development Manager, AGC Biologics, and Claire Wartel, Director of Quality and Compliance, Polyplus-Transfection.

On-Demand Webinar: Large-Scale LVV Production: Industry-Leading Process Development to High Quality GMP Vector

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The on-demand webinar and Q&A “Large-Scale LVV Production: From Industry-Leading Process Development to High Quality GMP Vector,” with our own Giuliana Vallanti, Director of Development and Global R&D, Cell and Gene Therapy, and the panel of co-hosts is now available to watch for free.

On-Demand Roundtable: Streaming and Optimizing Viral Vector Bioprocess and Analytical Development

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Join AGC Biologics' own Mark Womack, Chief Business Officer and Ramin Baghirzade, Sr. Director and Global Cell and Gene Therapy (C&GT) Business Development, and a panel of co-hosts for an on-demand presentation of the C&GT Expert Roundtable on Streaming and Optimizing Viral Vector Bioprocess and Analytical Development, presented by BioInsights.

Video: BIO-Europe 2020 Presentation: AGC Biologics' Capabilities and Introduction to Cell and Gene Therapy

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Byron Kneller, VP, Process Development, Seattle and Luca Alberici, General Manager, Milan, present AGC Biologics’ end-to-end CDMO protein expression and cell and gene therapy manufacturing capabilities at BIO-Europe in October, 2020. 

Article: Process Development: How to Win the Race in Cell & Gene Therapy

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In this spotlight article, presented by BioInsights, Dr. Ramin Baghirzade, AGC Biologics' Global Head of Business Development for Cell & Gene Therapy, shares his expert insights on the state of the industry, and four inter-connected variables exerting pressure on therapeutics developers to improve their processes earlier in the product’s development.

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