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Unveiling Customized Solutions in Cell Line Development

Unveiling Customized Solutions in Cell Line Development

Listen now! Access the full audio directly on the page below. 

In a recent podcast by BioPharm International, Kayla Bean, Principal Scientist at the R&D Center for AGC Biologics, highlights trends impacting cell line development projects (CLD) and tips for selecting a CDMO for your next project. 

Finding a CDMO that provides research and development at any project stage is ideal. At AGC Biologics, we have a strong R&D Center and scientists like Dr. Bean developing custom processes to deliver optimal CLD solutions, which include:

  • Building specific assays and processes tailored to each molecule
  • Utilizing new technologies for early stability prediction and risk mitigation
  • Addressing challenges such as titers, yields, and timeline reductions
  • Providing flexibility in our processes and adapting the platform to meet the individual needs of a developer's program,
  • Offering seamless transition of a project into our facilities.
In the long term, all of the above supports a better transition from early-phase development through clinical and commercial stages.
Cell line development is an ongoing process, not limited to the initial stages, and can be integrated at any point in the development process.
Listen to the full audio below for Dr. Bean's insights on trends in CLD in 2024, and to learn more about our expertise and ability to meet the diverse needs of projects that will set you up to better advance to clinical and beyond.