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AGC Biologics Provides Aid to Ukraine

AGC Biologics Provides Aid to Ukraine

AGC Biologics is deeply concerned and grieved about the situation in Ukraine. We sincerely hope that peaceful life will return to everyone as soon as possible. We also stand in partnership with our parent company, AGC Inc., in providing support for the safety and wellbeing of our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.   

As a global organization with sites across the European market, we are working with our passionate leaders and teams to show our support for the Ukrainian citizens impacted by this conflict. To do so, we have important programs and initiatives created internally by our leadership and groups of employees.  

Ukrainian Recruiting Program  
We recently announced a new program that helps Ukrainians displaced by the current conflict find jobs within our global facility network. Our recruiting and human resources teams are working with organizations close the conflict to identify Ukrainian citizens that we can immediately offer open positions to at one of our sites. Our Ukrainian Recruiting Program aims to give individuals a new opportunity outside of war-stricken Ukraine, offering a full-time position, relocation for themselves and their families, a place to live, language training, and more. 

To learn more about our open roles, please visit our
Ukrainian Recruiting Program webpage.  

Crowd-Sourced Medical Supplies and Equipment in Copenhagen   

We would also like to acknowledge a commendable effort from some of our team members at our Copenhagen, Denmark facility. A leader within our Upstream Process Development team took it upon themselves to create a crowd-sourced donation campaign that gained a lot of attention internally over a Sunday afternoon. In just six hours, our team members came together and raised enough funds to purchase and donate an ambulance that will be used to help treat wounded Ukrainian citizens.  

The team has since raised enough funds to secure and pack a bus full of donated items – including thermo-regulating clothing, a stretcher, equipment and tools for vehicle repairs, many petroleum lamps and more. The bus and donated items are currently on their way to Ukraine.  

These actions are a testament to how much the AGC Biologics team cares about helping others in the global community. We are extremely proud of the employee who organized this initiative and everyone who donated to this cause to make it happen. 

In partnership with AGC Inc., we will continue to monitor and take appropriate actions according to the evolving situation on the ground in Ukraine to support the communities and the people affected by this crisis.