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AGC Biologics Honored for Innovations in Cell Line Development

AGC Biologics Honored for Innovations in Cell Line Development

Global CDMO honored for Mammalian Cell Line Development capabilities

Today, we announce that we have been named a 2022 Leading Innovator in Mammalian Cell Line Development for the USA by Acquisition International.

Recipients of this award are selected through a merit-based system that requires evidence of significant achievements and a clear commitment to innovation.

AGC Biologics has a Cell Line Development program backed by several decades of scientific expertise and research. The company’s global network of sites has established more than 200 mammalian and microbial cell culture-based products. The CDMO’s cell line development services offer seamless process transfer to cGMP manufacturing, short timelines, and the ability to meet finite budgets. Further, AGC Biologics’ in-house quality and regulatory teams ensure cell line development projects are ready for any stage, across any regulatory market, anywhere in the world.

Through the implementation of early-on high-throughput titer assessment of monoclonal cell lines, AGC Biologics can streamline its monoclonal antibody (mAb) programs. By using new advancements to pinpoint high-producing cell lines, AGC Biologics can offer shorter timelines and increase productivity, helping ensure the best products are identified. AGC Biologics also invests in the latest research and development needs for its Cell Line Development program, including evaluating CHO-K1 GS knockout cell lines and transposase technology for increased DNA integration and high-producing cell lines, to diversify its portfolio.

“AGC Biologics’ pursuit of constant innovation can be seen with the global implementation of new modern approaches in our cell line development capabilities for increased protein production. We are investing in new technologies for high-throughput screening, increased DNA integration, and high-producing cell lines to maximize the output of our CLD programs to give client’s the best product possible,” said Kayla Bean, Sr. Development Scientist, PD R&D Center for AGC Biologics.

AGC Biologics currently has four locations offering cell line development services, Seattle, WA and Boulder, CO, USA, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Chiba, Japan. The company’s cell line development services work with both mammalian and microbial offerings. The microbial offering utilizes the E. coli and Pichia expression platforms. The mammalian offering utilizes the CHEF1 expression system to create clinical production cell lines and support commercial manufacturing. AGC Biologics is continuously working on improvements to its platforms to stay a top CDMO competitor.

To learn more about AGC Biologics’ cell line development services, visit https://www.agcbio.com/capabilities/process-development/cell-line-development.