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Take a Video Tour of Our New Cell and Gene Longmont Campus

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Our 229-acre Longmont campus is our newest addition to our global network. This site plays a crucial role as our new North American epicenter for our expanding global cell and gene therapy offerings. Watch our technical video tour of our new advanced therapies site.

Want to see it in-person? Connect with us today.

CDMO Innovations on Display During World Immunization Week 2022

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We at AGC Biologics are celebrating World Immunization Week! Since the world's first vaccination in the late 1700s, science and immunization technology have made miraculous leaps and improved both life expectancy and quality of life dramatically. For example, polio cases – which often led to permanent disability and/or death – have decreased by over 99.9% globally since 1981. Without polio eradication efforts, including vaccination programs, it's estimated that more than 18 million currently healthy people could have been paralyzed from the virus1.  

Video: Patricio Massera Discusses AGC Biologics' Growth with Pharma's Almanac

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Last fall we participated in the Road to 50 States with Pharma's Almanac. In this nationwide road trip the news outlet traveled the U.S. to speak to leaders in biotechnology and life sciences space.

Webinar: What can plug-and-play offer large-scale AAV manufacturing?

Thought Leadership, Cell & Gene Therapy

It's with tremendous excitement that we announce the webinar and live Q&A session that highlights our unique technique for Adeno-Associated viral (AAV) vector manufacturing.

The webinar “ What can plug-and-play offer large-scale AAV manufacturing?” will be held on Tuesday, March 22 nd, 2022, at 9:00 am PDT/5:00 pm CET. It will be led by Margherita Neri, Manager of Upstream Vector Development at AGC Biologics, and Claire Wartel, Director of Quality and Compliance, Polyplus-Transfection. We have partnered with Polyplus to develop our AAV manufacturing platform, and this will be a follow-up discussion to our 2021 webinar reviewing the results of our work.

Cancer and Rare Disease: What Progress Can Be Expected in these Fields in 2022 and beyond?

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While the entire world fights a pandemic that can be defeated only by Science and the latest biotech approaches, Pharma's Almanac asked our CEO, Patricio Massera, the following question for their Jan. 2022 Experts Roundtable:

Personalized Medicine in 2022: Allogeneic Treatments Can be the Effective “Brick in the Wall” for Cell and Gene Therapy Treatments

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Personalized medicine offers the opportunity to create treatments for patients based on their specific needs. However, one of the major issues with personalized medicine is the cost of goods (COGs), and the healthcare industry is continuously looking for new strategies to address this challenge and help make customized healthcare more readily available to patients that need it.

AGC Biologics Solves Capacity Shortages in Cell and Gene Therapy Space

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The cell and gene therapy (C&GT) market is experiencing an explosion of growth with record-breaking financing, major clinical milestones, and commercial progress creating seemingly vast opportunities.  An enormous pipeline of treatments in the market has created seemingly endless possibilities. However, this explosive growth results in one issue set to derail the promise of this sector – manufacturing capacity shortages. 
Capacity shortages were a key topic of discussion at the Meeting on the Mesa last week, one of the premier annual C&GT events organized by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. At the event, we met with many companies looking for an experienced partner that can help bring their transformative treatments through every phase of approvals, and eventually to patients in need. 
Creating new manufacturing capacity requires investments, lead time and technical expertise. It also requires finding the right CDMO with a global footprint, large-scale capacities and resources, and technical expertise in developing and bringing treatments to market. 

AGC Biologics Offers Virtual Tour of Expanded Milan Cell & Gene Therapy Center During European Biotech Week 2021

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Since 2013, European Biotech Week has been a premier event offering exclusive content, meetings and demonstrations that highlight how biotech can improve our quality of life. 
This year, we are excited to partner with European Biotech Week 2021 to open the doors of our expanded state-of-the-art Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence and production facility in Milan, Italy. 
As a global CDMO, we are laser-focused on building the industry’s best cell and gene therapy (C&GT) and biologics development and manufacturing services. 
On October 1st at 11:00 am CET, AGC Biologics is hosting a free virtual tour that showcases our end-to-end capabilities and our new Process Development and Quality Control laboratories. 
You don’t want to miss it, sign-up today! 

Webinar: Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing: The Road from Concept to Ready-to-Use Platform

Thought Leadership, Cell & Gene Therapy

It's with tremendous excitement that we announce the webinar and live Q&A session, titled “Large-Scale AAV Manufacturing: The Road from Concept to Ready-to-Use Platform” will be held Wednesday, May 26th at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 pm CEST.  This webinar will be co-presented by Margherita Neri, Upstream Vector Process Development Manager, AGC Biologics, and Claire Wartel, Director of Quality and Compliance, Polyplus-Transfection.

AGC Biologics Launches Four TV Commercials About Recruiting in the Greater Denver Area: Now Hiring Across All Departments in Boulder, Co.

Other Media, Company News

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever television commercials – now running in the Greater Denver Area and focused on recruiting for our new  state-of-the-art facility in Boulder, Colorado. We have begun full-scale operations and are hiring across all departments. To learn more and apply, please visit our Boulders Careers page.

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