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Challenges & Future Opportunities in Cell & Gene Therapy Development

Challenges & Future Opportunities in Cell & Gene Therapy Development

Learn common problems and future solutions for the ATMP industry

Senior Director of Manufacturing for cell and gene therapy in the U.S., Maggie Chen, discusses supply chain challenges, the promise of standardized viral vector platforms, the future of analytics, development and manufacturing challenges, and the future of the cell and gene therapy industry. 


Explore our end-to-end services for cell therapy and viral vector production

With two global sites offering full-scale cell and gene services backed by 30 years of science, our network offers expertise that no other CDMO can offer today. 

Cell Therapy Services

AGC Biologics provides development and manufacturing for cell & gene therapies across the globe. We offer end-to-end services, including cell culture and cell modification in process development and cGMP environments.

No matter where you are in your cell therapy project journey, we can help bring you to the next phase.


Viral Vector Platforms for AAV & LVV

AGC Biologics recently unveiled new vector platforms, ProntoLVV™ and BravoAAV™. These platforms can help achieve your GMP goals in 9 months, helping to accelerate your path from gene to the clinic.

Our ready-to-use, high-yield, adhesion and suspension GMP processes offer
adhesion manufacturing scales up to 750 L and suspension scales up to 2,000 L.

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