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Industry Learnings:  Mastering Large-Scale GMP Vector Manufacturing

Industry Learnings: Mastering Large-Scale GMP Vector Manufacturing

The pulse of progress in the cell and gene therapy space beats with the development and enhancement of viral vectors. In a compelling interview with Vector Process Development Director, Margherita Neri, Ph.D., a recent webinar features some timely insights into the technical capabilities required to achieve large-scale GMP vector manufacturing.


In this webinar, Margherita unveils key considerations that developers must consider to reach their large-scale GMP goals and the expertise AGC Biologics has to support these goals. Watch and learn more about:

  • AGC Biologics’ strong regulatory track record, capabilities and experience with developing vectors that scale, and the company’s custom platform processes - BravoAAV™ and ProntoLVV™ - designed for adeno-associated viral vector (AAV) and lentiviral vector (LVV) projects.
  • How to move from the sequence of the gene of interest to the GMP manufacturing of the first vector batch in less than one year.
  • Creating standardized vector development and manufacturing to meet any stage, pre-clinical through commercial.
  • The importance of the latest technology for viral vector manufacturing, including AGC Biologics’ strategic integration of the Cytiva iCELLis bioreactor systems.

Click the button above to dive into the recorded session, titled "Bridging the Distance to Large-Scale GMP Manufacturing of Viral Vectors," and uncover AGC Biologics' trailblazing work in revolutionizing viral vector manufacturing.