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R&D that Increases Speed to Market for Protein Biologics

R&D that Increases Speed to Market for Protein Biologics

The AGC Biologics Research and Development team at our Seattle site was featured in the July Vendor Viewpoint feature for Pharma Tech Outlook,  featuring insights into our strategy for increasing bioprocess capabilities for our global protein biologics services.

The author, Dr. Kayla I. Bean,  Senior Scientist, Cell Line Development, breaks down the important work we are doing, including our work to drastically improve the monoclonal cell line delivery of your next biologics program. 

" AGC Biologics harnesses its R&D centers to bring modern and efficient approaches to development and manufacturing. "

Key points in the article include:

  • Our work identifying quality cell lines in early-stage development for a more targeted approach to assessing top producing candidates and decrease overall timelines.
  • Enhancements to our services approach through new equipment and knowledge in areas like cell line, upstream, analytical, and downstream development to intensify our procedures while decreasing workflow timetables.
  • Enhancements to our CHEF1™ Expression Technology for monoclonal antibodies.
  • Strategies for new media formulations that increase production in addition to new ways of analyzing culture metabolites to provide unique solutions for each project. 

       >> Read the Full Article at Pharma Tech Outlook

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