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On-demand webinar:

Bridging the distance to large-scale GMP manufacturing of viral vectors


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Webinar overview: 

Gene therapy has come a long way in the last decade, with multiple recent approvals. The industry hasn’t remained static; neither has the technology. 

In this webinar, our Vector Process Development Director, Margherita Neri, Ph.D., discusses how AGC Biologics' platform process can help developers move from the sequence of the gene of interest to the GMP manufacturing of the first vector batch in less than one year, using the latest bioreactor technology alongside our proprietary viral vector processes.

Watch and learn about: 

  • AGC Biologics’ strong regulatory track record, capabilities and experience with developing vectors that scale. 
  • The methodologies for generating reliable processes for AAV and LVV production. 
  • The power of using the latest technology, Cytiva's iCELLis bioreactor systems, to enhance virus productivity. 
  • AGC Biologics' BravoAAV™ and ProntoLVV™ platform processes.

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