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Single-Use Downstream Process for mAbs - BPI article - download graphic-1


 Research Study:
The promise of a fully single-use downstream mAb process for IND/clinical milestones


This study presents the findings of AGC Biologics' team, Shunsuke Shiina, principal downstream process development scientist, Neha Saxena, analytical development scientist, and Rodrigo H. Gonzalez, senior director and head of R&D. Together, they tested and researched the benefits of using a fully disposable chromatography process with Gore's Protein A membrane capture devices.

Download the article to understand the benefits to productivity and timelines.

This study covers:

  • Direct side-by-side comparison of a fully single-use downstream process vs. traditional resin-based columns and reusable equipment.
  • Impressive productivity and impurity removal data
  • Results demonstrating efficient removal of HCPs by single-use protein A membranes.
  • Single-use technology's ability to improve processes and reduce risk while saving time and money for clinical projects. 

Single-Use Protein A Purification

AGC Biologics together with GORE® Protein Capture Devices significantly improve downstream purification.

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