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AGC Biologics Offers Guaranteed Delivery of at least 1e11 TU of LVV Material in Nine Months

AGC Biologics Offers Guaranteed Delivery of at least 1e11 TU of LVV Material in Nine Months

The CDMO expands its AGCellerate Program to provide Lentiviral vector support for advanced therapies developers

Today, we announced a Lentiviral vector (LVV) expansion to our AGCellerate program designed to deliver GMP material for clinical trials at an accelerated timeline. The AGCellerate LVV offering guarantees developers 1e11 total transduction units (TU) of LVV material in nine months.  

“This next phase of AGCellerate is designed to make the lives of cell and gene developers easier, particularly developers of rare disease therapies, through our commitment to deliver guaranteed LVV titers in record time to positively impact patients and families,” said Luca Alberici, General Manager, AGC Biologics Milan. “AGC Biologics already has one commercially approved LVV in the market and successfully concluded the PPQ campaigns of five other LVV projects. By utilizing our proven platform process, AGCellerate for LVV supports developers seeking quality material on an accelerated timeline.”   

The AGCellerate LVV offering is supported by AGC Biologics’ proprietary ProntoLVV™ Platform, which offers a standardized process for full-scale development and manufacturing of viral vectors. The platform is fully qualified by major regulatory authorities and was created by scientists with 30 years of experience from AGC's Cell and Gene Center of Excellence in Milan.  

The ProntoLVV platform features end-to-end vector services, including off-the-shelf plasmids; standardized production and purification protocols, ready-to-use, high-yield adhesion and suspension GMP cell lines, pre-qualified scale-down models, in-house analytics and fill-and-finish capabilities.  

AGC’s AGCellerate program offers support for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), LVV material, plasmid DNA (pDNA) and adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV). The company announced its AGCellerate mAb program in June and plans to unveil its AAV and pDNA programs in the near future. 

To access more details about AGCellerate and learn how it can accelerate your projects into the clinic, visit www.agcbio.com/capabilities/agcellerate-dna-to-ind-drug-substance-cdmo-services.