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AGC Biologics Hosts Tours of Viral Vectors Production Facility at Milan site for European Biotech Week 2022

AGC Biologics Hosts Tours of Viral Vectors Production Facility at Milan site for European Biotech Week 2022

AGC Biologics accepting applications for tours of its Milan site on September 26, 2022

Since 2013, European Biotech Week has been a premier event offering exclusive content, meetings and demonstrations that highlight how biotech can improve our quality of life.

This year, we are excited to partner with European Biotech Week 2022 to showcase the viral vector production and purification processes we use in our lab settings at the state-of-the-art Cell and Gene Therapy Center facility in Milan, Italy.

MLN PD Lab EU Biotech Week

We are accepting reservations over the next month from those interested in joining a tour on September 26. We will be hosting five tours on that day, starting at 9:30am.

Reservations may be made by writing to Anna Stornaiuolo, Institutional Relations Specialist, AGC Biologics: astornaiuolo@agc.com.

We are laser-focused on building the industry’s best cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing services. And our team in Milan is helping to lead that effort.

You don’t want to miss it, sign-up today by reaching out to Anna!

What to Expect on AGC Biologics Milan European Biotech Week 2022 Tour

• Key features of the production and purification of the viral vectors that the company produces

• Illustration of the cellular part with observation of the equipment and procedures necessary for cell editing and cell production

• Learning of the methodologies by which CD34+, blood stem cells, and lymphocytes, are manipulated for the purpose of treating rare diseases and cancers

• Illustration of the analytical methods with which all company products are carefully checked

• A highlight of the AGC Biologics adeno-associated viral vectors and lentiviral vectors adhesion production protocols

• Examples of the analytical panel and platform for vector confirmation

Biotech Week is coordinated nationally by Assobiotec, the national association for the development of biotechnologies which is part of Federchimica. Since 2016, the week has become Global: in fact, on the same days, this anniversary is celebrated on the same days, giving life to a real "Global Biotech Week", testifying to how much biotechnologies represent a boundless resource, capable of offering solutions to the great challenges of society worldwide.