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Case Study: How to get from Low Yield to Robust Manufacturing

Case Study: How to get from Low Yield to Robust Manufacturing

What do we do when a client brings us a low yield and complex protein? The technical expertise and proven track record of our scientific methods is something that makes us proud. AGC Biologics has successfully manufactured more than 200 biological projects for preclinical studies.

For this client, we worked to define what high quality glycosylation would mean for their molecule. Then we undertook two shake flask studies and three bioreactor studies to optimize media, gassing strategy, and temperature shift.

After reviewing the data, we found some interesting insights on growth conditions that could drastically impact the production quantity and quality, and the manufacturing process. 

Read the Case Study to Discover what we Found

While many developers outsource glycan analysis, AGC Biologics has a unique ability to assess quality early during in development to reach ideal manufacturing targets

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