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Webinar: What can plug-and-play offer large-scale AAV manufacturing?

Webinar: What can plug-and-play offer large-scale AAV manufacturing?
It's with tremendous excitement that we announce the webinar and live Q&A session that highlights our unique technique for Adeno-Associated viral (AAV) vector manufacturing.

The webinar “What can plug-and-play offer large-scale AAV manufacturing?” will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, at 9:00 am PDT/5:00 pm CET. It will be led by Margherita Neri, Manager of Upstream Vector Development at AGC Biologics, and Claire Wartel, Director of Quality and Compliance, Polyplus-Transfection. We have partnered with Polyplus to develop our AAV manufacturing platform, and this will be a follow-up discussion to our 2021 webinar reviewing the results of our work.

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About the Webinar
Despite hundreds of biotechnology and engineering studies, standard procedures for large-scale Adeno-Associated viral (AAV) vector manufacturing remains inconsistent.
Margherita Neri (Head of Vector Development, AGC Biologics) and Claire Wartel (Director of Quality and Compliance, Polyplus-Transfection) join us to discuss AAV-based gene therapy production, managing adherent and suspension processes, and new, cost-effective, streamlined ‘plug-and-play’ approaches for creating large-scale AAV production that can meet any product specification.
Live30 webinars are thirty-minute presentations designed to update you on the latest innovations, applications, and data in a fast yet interactive format.
Key learnings for attendees:
  • Solutions for addressing challenges with AAV adherent and suspension cell lines
  • Optimal approaches to creating cells lines and media scouting
  • The importance of scale-down models for process development
  • How to ensure compliance with cGMP regulations for raw and starting materials used in AAV manufacturing