Milan & Bresso Facilities


European Manufacturing Capacity

With state of the art clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities across the United States, Europe and Asia, AGC Biologics has the capacity and flexibility to meet each customer’s individual manufacturing needs. Our manufacturing facilities are multi-process, engineered for unidirectional flow and are segregated to allow production of multiple products at different stages of manufacturing in multiple parts of the facility. This increases the flexibility and number of manufacturing solutions available to meet clients’ rigorous manufacturing and quality needs. Right. On Time.

  • Milan Facility

    Milan facility

  • Bresso Facility

    Bresso facility

Milan & Bresso FACILITIES

AGC Biologics' facilities in Milan & Bresso are the first cell & gene facilities approved for GMP manufacturing & QC for clinical (2003) and commercial products (2015). These facilities are focused on research, development, production and clinical validation of cell and gene therapy for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases.

With over 20 years of extensive experience, AGC is a key player in the cell & gene sector, with a full range of services. AGC manages all phases of research up to the commercialization of advanced cell and gene therapies. 

Contact us:

Via Olgettina, 58
20132 Milan, Italy
Tel.+39 02 21277.1
Fax +39 02 21277.325

Via Meucci, 3
20091 Bresso, Italy
Tel.+39 02 21277.1
Fax +39 02 21277.325

GMP/QC Equipment and Technology
  • 2 site locations with 230+ experts in Milan & Bresso
  • 3X streams for 24L/48L lentiviral and retroviral vector manufacturing in cell factories
  • 1X stream for 200L lentiviral and retroviral vector manufacturing in fixed-bed bioreactor
  • 9X Class B suites for engineered cells manufacturing and MCB/WCB/PPCB generation, equipped with cell enrichment/cell washing/cell expansion automated machines
  • 1X Class B suite for autologous/allogeneic genetically modified T-cells manufacturing
  • 1X Class C suite for automated fill & finish
  • 1X Class C suite for media preparation
  • > 35 labs in QC area for product testing and release
Development Area Equipment and Technology
  • Areas for small-, medium- and full scale manufacturing of lentiviral and retroviral vectors, equipped with several small-scale fixed-bed bioreactors and stirred-tank bioreactors for upstream manufacturing and 4 different liquid chromatography systems and 3 different TFF systems for downstream processes

  • Areas for small, medium and large scale engineered cells manufacturing, equipped with cell enrichment/cell washing/cell expansion automated machines 

  • Areas for analytical methods development and qualification, including automated liquid handling systems

Ongoing Expansion
  • Increasing capacity at Bresso