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BioPath Internship Program

BioPath background
Next cohort tentatively planned for fall 2023


The BioPath Internship Program for high school students provides a combination of theoretical training and hands-on floor work. Theoretical and practical activities include GMP basics/concepts, a general understanding of science (basics of cell growth, protein chemistry, chemistry, mass transfer), operations basics (media and solution prep, cell expansion, bioreactor operation, filter operation, ultrafiltration operation, chromatography, liquid handling), and planned experiments. 

We offer hourly compensation, plus high school and college credit through participating schools. The BioPath Internship Program includes on-the-job training and a potential full-time job offer upon high school graduation for qualified students who apply for full-time positions through our job portal.


Watch Jay Inslee, Washington State Governor, as he tours AGC Biologics to learn more about the BioPath Internship Program.

  • Compliance – The development of biological products in a high quality environment, following standard procedures (cGMP’s) and consensus practices.

  • Fermentation – Basic physiological principles underlying growth and culture of cells and microorganisms.

  • Cell Culture – Culture of mammalian line cells used to develop biologicals and the assembly sequence, principles and advantages of single use bioreactors (SUB’s).

  • Downstream Processing – Protein purification principles based on differential molecular properties.

  • Case Studies – Integrating knowledge through production case analysis from selected literature. 

  • Protein Analysis – Exploration of protein analysis and technological options to assure safety, effectiveness and quality of therapeutic biologicals. 

The BioPath Internship Program is similar to a trade school program, providing intensive training followed by the potential opportunity to launch a career in biotechnology.

The Ideal High School Candidate
  • Interested in a career after high school*
  • Has taken a chemistry class
  • High school junior, going into their senior year
  • Student who has the attributes outlined below

*We encourage qualified interns to apply for full-time positions at AGC Biologics after high school graduation. AGC Biologics offers a tuition assistance program to full-time employees who are interested in earning a college degree later on.

Candidate Attributes
  • Kinesthetic learner: does well in classes that require hands-on workshops or activities
  • Dependable and reliable: arrives on time and ready to work
  • Team player: participates in team organizations or activities
  • Instruction follower: ability to understand and follow detailed instructions
  • Detail oriented: enjoys projects that involve complicated processes
  • Good with documentation: may do really well in chemistry lab or classes where documentation is required
  • Careful worker: works carefully and values a project that’s done correctly rather than quickly
Program type

Paid high school internship with on-the-job training in the laboratory + classroom work


High school credit* + college credit* + Foundation of Biomanufacturing Certificate

Length of program

1 school year = 32 weeks


Bothell, WA, US

Program start

Next cohort tentatively planned for fall 2023

Candidate profile

High school juniors interested in launching their career after high school – scroll to the "Candidate Profile" section at the bottom of this page for more information

How to apply

Complete the online application and submit your resume.

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*High school credit and college credit offered through participating schools.

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