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AGC Biologics Named Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Organization

AGC Biologics Named Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Organization

AGC Biologics was formerly selected as a Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Organization of 2023 by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine. The award honorees are featured in the special Contract Manufacturing Organizations Edition (July), which lists the top ten companies providing the most promising CMO services. As a leading global industry news source, Pharma Tech Outlook focuses on providing readers with pioneering real-world solutions, news, product trends and other important topics related to the pharmaceutical industry. 

About the Pharma Tech Outlook CMO Top 10

Over the last decade, the importance of contract manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry has become extremely clear. There is a significant need for the innovative processes and technologies these organizations offer, and finding the right CMO partner with the necessary end-to-end capabilities is complex.  A good CMO helps developers by becoming an indispensable piece of the supply chain, due to drug product demand and complicated manufacturing requirements, and offers needed scientific expertise and experience for creating processes to bring these products into critical clinical and commercial stages.

The Pharma Tech Outlook Top 10 CMO list features global CMOs that can meet this need and have the technological expertise, successful project track record, necessary regulatory compliance, scientific acumen, and project flexibility to accommodate even the most complex molecules. 

Why AGC Biologics Was Honored

AGC Biologics has invested in several innovations over the last 18–24 months to help boost our CMO/CDMO services to place amongst a list of top 10 CMOs. W introduced new plasmid DNA (pDNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) services, built on two decades of historic expertise with microbial expression systems.  By building out services and taking on projects in this space, we exhibited the ability to take on the newest biopharma drug development and manufacturing trends. 

We have also developed and launched two new platform offerings for custom process development and manufacturing of adeno-associated (AAV) and lentiviral (LVV) vectors, ProntoLVV™  and BravoAAV™. With these capabilities, we are offering robust and qualified processes for developing and manufacturing vectors at any scale that can support any advanced therapy program at any stage. 

Also, this year we created a new program for delivering drug substances in the fastest way possible - AGCellerate (ag-cell-er-ate), built to accelerate timelines, offer distinctive yields and provide set pricing for those early-stage companies seeking to build a proof of concept and get into the clinic as fast as possible. This new program launched this year offering a dedicated amount of monoclonal antibody drug substance in 11 months, and we'll be rolling offerings for pDNA, LVV, and AAV needs in the coming months. Learn more about this program.

Finally, seven sites and capabilities at each of our global facilities continue to grow, as we find more ways to provide services and manufacturing capacity to developers in the protein biologics and advanced therapies space.  We recently completed 2 major expansions, one at our Cell Gene Center of Excellence in Milan, and the other at our new cell and gene hub in North America in Longmont, Col. These expansions added more clinical and commercial vector manufacturing capacity, fill/finish capabilities and expanded the number of cell therapy development suites we can offer to clients worldwide. We have also completed expansions at our Heidelberg, Germany facility to support our new pDNA and mRNA service lines, and at our Seattle campus, where we have a new microbial manufacturing line. These are just a few of the site expansions we've made to further service the biopharma industry. 

For a complete overview of the innovations we offer and our recent expansions and new services, visit our official award feature on Pharma Tech Outlook's website.