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AGC Biologics Solves Capacity Shortages in Cell and Gene Therapy Space

AGC Biologics Solves Capacity Shortages in Cell and Gene Therapy Space
The cell and gene therapy (C&GT) market is experiencing an explosion of growth with record-breaking financing, major clinical milestones, and commercial progress creating seemingly vast opportunities. An enormous pipeline of treatments in the market has created seemingly endless possibilities. However, this explosive growth results in one issue set to derail the promise of this sector – manufacturing capacity shortages. 
Capacity shortages were a key topic of discussion at the Meeting on the Mesa last week, one of the premier annual C&GT events organized by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. At the event, we met with many companies looking for an experienced partner that can help bring their transformative treatments through every phase of approvals, and eventually to patients in need. 
Creating new manufacturing capacity requires investments, lead time and technical expertise. It also requires finding the right CDMO with a global footprint, large-scale capacities and resources, and technical expertise in developing and bringing treatments to market. 

At Meeting on the Mesa, Our Global BD Head for Cell & Gene Therapy, Ramin Baghirzade, shared his insights into what it takes to help solve this industry-wide capacity issue. He also detailed why we are one of the only global CDMO’s uniquely positioned to help immediately produce new C&GT products.  
 AGC Biologics is one of the few companies in the world offering both plasmid production and end-to-end cell and gene therapy services. Over the last 18 months, we have also invested heavily in expanding capabilities that address this global capacity shortage in the C&GT space.  
In August, we announced the addition of pDNA and mRNA capacity at our Heidelberg facility. With the global pDNA and mRNA markets experiencing record growth, this ensures our facilities worldwide offer innovative services that meet the needs of therapeutics developers. 
Earlier this year, we acquired a new facility in Longmont, CO., as well. This investment expanded our C&GT footprint into the United States, giving us an expansive global network of resources to utilize. This new state-of-the-art facility is critical to future plans in the cell therapy space.  
We also expanded our Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence in Milan, Italy, adding more capacity, along with viral vector suspension capabilities. Since acquiring this location in July 2020, it has become our central hub for our C&GT practice. This team has deep experience and expertise in providing development and GMP manufacturing services for viral vectors and genetically modified cells, from the preclinical phase through commercial demand. 
Are you interested in learning more about our cell and gene therapy practice and how AGC Biologics can help you bring your product to market? Connect with us on our Contact Us page for more information.